Project Manager

So, I’ve begun working on a new project called, aptly so, “Project Manager” which can be found where a previous startup of mine was, Once it’s finished, I’ll be getting a new URL for it, probably something like (pretty original, eh?).

It’s built on the e107 CMS system, and through a series of homebrew plug-ins and hacks, I plan on making it an invite-only system where it is possible to start a project and invite people to join it. You’ll be able to post ideas, goals, video, images, code, etc. to it, choose to make your project private or public (on a temporary or permenant basis), flag it as “looking for outside opinions” and so on. It will be invite-only, so the only way to get in is to be part of a project maintained by current members. I’m doing this to cut down on the amount of spam.

However, once you’re in, you have access to all other members’ profiles and work (provided it’s made public). Think of it as social networking for the creative industries.

Eventually, I want to be able to integrate it into skype, AIM, etc. to make teleconferencing and chatting simple. And by “integrate” I mean have it log and record conversations and automatically optimize and upload them to the server.

I plan on launching it into beta testing this weekend, and sending out the first wave of invites to people I’m currently working on projects with. Around phase 2 they’ll be able to invite people who they are working on other projects with, and so on until release.

Hopefully this will fill the gap that occurs in geographically challenged projects, where half the team may be in New York and the other half in Florida. The goal is to be able to post ideas to the group right away instead of waiting until the next meeting. It’s not intended to replace meetings, but rather to be an archive for the sake of preventing confusion at said meetings.

I’ll continue to post here my progress, as well as over there. If you’re reading this and happen to know how to get any of that stuff done, please let me know!