Kick Start Your Aerial Photography Journey

  • Drones are one of the most unique and useful equipment in the photography industry
  • is an article highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of a Quadcopter
  • The article is a comprehensible content that every beginner and semi-pro should read

Drones are probably one of the most kick-ass tools in the photography industry. Although waterproof action cameras have conquered the sea, drones made it possible for photographers to reach the skies— literally.

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It gives the photographers to take pictures from the sky even without boarding any flying vehicles. It’s small, light, and easy to assemble which is why professional photographers are racing to get their hands on one. But are all drones the same? Well, according to this article by Kerry Garrison, not at all.

The article highlighted and tested the pros and cons of a Quadcopter. It also included a comprehensible discussion on the role of rotors and the quality of the shots that the photographer was able to take according to the Quadcopter’s performance in the air.

But the most striking part of the article would have to be it’s realistic take on the quality of the Quadcopter and its price. The article stressed the importance of investing in an equipment that will give quality output, able to withstand the natural hindrances of aerial photography such as the heat and wind, and justify the price that it was bought for.

The article is a simple compilation of the basics of aerial photography through a product review. The review was also accompanied by a video showing how the device performed.  Photos were also presented as evidence that the Quadcopter is able to do justice on photographs.

Overall, the article should be an easy but helpful read to photographers who are considering the idea of venturing to aerial photography. It is not technical but has the important details that every beginner or semi-pro should know about aerial photography.

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