Creating Artsy Photo Effects with Matt Kloskowski

  • Using Lightroom presets for your photo images
  • A photography coach that offers tips on how to use presets for Lightroom
  • An online site dedicated to using presets for your photos

You could say that Matt Kloskowski and Lightroom presets are inseparable. You certainly can’t separate the two of them. Matt is more of a Lightroom expert because he has been using this tool for years now.


These Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets are anything but trite. Matt collects them in a way that suits your personality, giving emphasis on creating artsy effects on your photos.

And this is quite evident with the collections that he has on his website. You can actually say that these Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets are the type of photography professionals are using.

Matt is also giving tips on how to enhance, let alone edit, your images, that is both fun and easy-to-follow. Everything you need to learn about Lightroom presets and how to incorporate them in your photos, Matt has all the steps, the procedures and even the tricks.

From personal to family, from portraits to landscapes, these Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets give you a lot of options, so you can improve your images like any seasoned photographer would.

Check out Matt’s photography portfolio, and see the extent of his expertise when it comes to editing and developing photo images, even as he is offering tips also on what gear to use in the event of capturing these scenes.

So these Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets are a treasure in themselves. Seldom can you find a site online that uses Lightroom presets as tools for the development of these photos. As a photography coach, Matt knows what it takes to capture that scene and improve it with the appropriate tools.

Check out these Matt Kloskowski Lightroom presets through this link,, and start churning out quality photos the way Matt does.

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