Review of Adobe Lightroom 6

Basically, there are three events in the industry that most photographers will clear their schedules for, even if they’re doing something really important. These three things are Camera accessories pre-orders, Apple announcements and Adobe new product releases. In the recent release of Adobe Lightroom 6, photographers were really thrilled and excited to what the new version can offer to help them with their editing process.

LR6.1There are some users who are more interested in an in-app mobile features, in today’s release, Adobe allows users to work and sync their images to and from Lightroom desktop to Lightroom mobile and Lightroom web. These new features have good performance, although it can only be purchased through the creative cloud subscription plan.

Let’s discuss about the detailed Adobe pricing since everyone wants to know how much it would take for them to get the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom. Clearly, Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC will only be available through Adobe’s creative cloud subscription for $10 a month. But for stand-alone prices, both programs cost for about $150. Adobe recommends subscribing to their creative plans to save money and to enjoy unlimited perks such as free upgrades, and all access to Lightroom web and mobile. Moreover, users can freely choose which adobe product to subscribe and how long they want to pay the bills.

So basically, it took a year or two before the company decided to release Adobe Lightroom 6. They want to make sure that everything is set and prepared before they start shipping it to their avid users. New features were also added to the program such as an Advanced healing tool, default Lightroom 6 presets, Lightroom mobile and web and more.

Whether we like it or not, we don’t have a choice, Lightroom 6 is still the best 7 in 1 post-processing tool in the market. The only thing lacking in the stand alone purchase is it restrict users from using online Lightroom features. So, it is best to subscribe to Adobe’s creative cloud service.

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