Giving Actions to Adobe Photoshop

Now you can add actions to your photos. Yes, you can create actions to your photos through Adobe Photoshop. It’s a novel way of presenting your static photos for the delight of your viewers.


Adding actions to Adobe Photoshop is an entirely new way of presenting images online. So flexible is the presentation that you can actually record the said action and at the same time record its path.

Aside from recording its path though, you can also insert a stop, so you can perform tasks that cannot be recorded, such as using a painting tool.

You can also change its settings when playing an action. Other features include excluding commands from an action and inserting non-recordable menu command. In addition, you can insert a modal control if you want to when changing the command settings within an action.

Simply put, you can add actions and overwrite a single command, add commands on it or rearrange such commands, and record an action again. Or, you can check out a list of self-help videos online on how to add actions to your photo images.

But these are the basics of adding action to Adobe Photoshop. It’s a new way of highlighting your photos with an interactive feel.

So start adding them and see the actions that come with recording and giving commands to your images, bringing delight to your online viewers.

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