Is Lightroom An Alternative to Photoshop?

pic2Some people often consider Adobe Lightroom is an alternative or replacement to Adobe Photoshop. While some professional photographers don’t agree with these speculations and idea since they consider Lightroom as a unique and convenient tool than Photoshop. Moreover, the processing tool is way cheaper than any other existing software.

We are all aware that Adobe Photoshop is one of the most effective and useful tool for photo editing, however, as day goes by, photographers need something new to help them organize, manage and modify their images in the most fast and convenient way.

Adobe Lightroom is known to the public for its reliability, fast interface and flexibility of features. It has a lot of useful editing features such as lightroom portrait presets, Jpeg and RAW conversions, slideshow editor and more. Moreover, it has the ability to organize and sort images in one folder or image collection. The program is also a non-destructive tool which preserves the original file setting of an image.

Photographers loved using the program since it gives them the opportunity to relax while editing their images. Lightroom is a stress free program which allows photographers and other users to have more time in taking pictures and doing other task for their clients.

Another feature to enjoy in lightroom is that it has the ability to share images straight from the Lightroom interface or thru the lightroom mobile version. This goes to show that the developer, Adobe system value the opinion and suggestion of their users.


Overall, Adobe Lightroom will never be a replacement to other image processing tool such as Photoshop. The features and services of Lightroom are all unique and reliable. There’s no doubt why most photographers and other users chose Lightroom over Photoshop since they want to save more time and effort in editing their hundreds or even thousands of images.


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