Keyboard Shortcuts Stop Working in Photoshop

Recently my keyboard shortcuts quit working in Photoshop. I use them almost exclusively, so this left me more than a bit useless. Today I finally decided to google the answer.

I don’t know why I was surprised, but almost every thread on the subject immediately turned into accusations of piracy and closing the thread.

Now, unless Adobe is in the business of selling pirated CDs directly from theirwebsite, I can be 100% certain my CD is not pirated. So, cast away by the photoshop community as a leper for having a problem with my legitimate software, I searched for the answer on my own.

And whaddya know, after 15 minutes of poking around my computer, I discovered the problem was the popular chat program, Trillian. It uses a LOT of keyboard shortcuts of the ctrl-shift variety that photoshop loves. They can be changed or turned off completely by going to preferences->advanced->automation.

Yes, I’m aware that there are some “bad cracks” out there that cause photoshop shortcuts (particularly ones that use the ctrl key) to stop working, but maybe people should take a few minutes to think “hey, maybe there’s a legit reason for this issue” instead of immediately going after their stones and nooses.

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