Cuisine Navi on Nintendo DS

Via Slashing Games:

Nintendo Japan is releasing (has released?) a new game (I guess it falls under edutainment?) that is essentially a digital cookbook. I need to get one of these, because the 3 steps I have to take from my kitchen to my computer are just too many.

Seriously though, Nintendo’s recent marketting toward the adult user really has me considering going back to them (okay, that and their way-below-competition pricing). For example, this program utilizes the DS’s built in voice recognition, enabling the would-be short order chef in us all to have absolute freedom in the kitchen. Long gone are the days of running back to the cookbook and flipping the page with our salmonella covered hands (or in my case, clicking my mouse with my salmonella covered hands). Step-by-step narration allows you to concentrate on your recipe while leaving the DS aside. I wonder if there are any celeberity voices. “I pity the foo that don’t bring the water to a rolling boil!”

Just about all this seems to be missing is a synch with online cookbooks. That would sell me completely.

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