Why Do We Enjoy Photography?

Here’s a simple question that is applicable to all. Why do you love and enjoy photography? What thrill does it give you when you hold the camera and take pictures? Basically, when I ask this question to myself, I said that it will improve my skills, thus it could be my future profession. However, as the days and years go by, I realize that it’s not about taking pictures and earning from it, it’s about great passion to create stories.

pic1During the time when I still don’t have any idea about the benefits of photography, I really got curious about how the DSLR camera works. So when I bought my very own and first camera, I didn’t waste time, I immediately explored the features and settings of it. Fortunately, I was able to understand the basics such as how to adjust the exposure, aperture and ISO.  Fortunately, I became addicted to my camera. Whenever I have extra time, I make sure that I’ll go out, travel and capture beautiful scenarios. I love and enjoy photography because it gives me the opportunity to see natural emotions, wonderful creations and more.

Photography is not just about a camera and a subject, it’s about the story behind the people, environment and the place. Whenever I see my photographs of nature, such as sunrise/sunset, I still don’t believe it exists because for me, it’s part of my wildest imagination. Everything in photography is fabulous. I still feel the excitement and thrill whenever I go to new places and meet people. Today, I can say that my love for photography still grows since it gives me the chance to capture different scenes, events, and emotions.

I also love photography because it gives me the opportunity to mingle and bond with the people I’m working with. Seeing the smiles on their beautiful faces makes my heart melt and make me realize that life is indeed wonderful. These wonderful experiences I have as a photographer were life changing to the extent that I provide photo shoots to underprivileged people for free for them to have a portrait of their self/family. Also, it is also my way of giving back.

To sum it up, here’s why I enjoy and love photography:

  • It gives me the chance to capture special events
  • It enables me to meet new friends
  • I can enjoy working with my subject using my smartphone

I believe that there is a reason why I became a photographer. I never thought that my curiosity/hobby would eventually become my profession even if I am a graphic designer. That’s why I decided to create georgegumpert.com, for me to be able to share my thoughts and ideas about photography. Also, this site will give you more helpful tips in photography, graphic and web designing and photo editing.

So just sit back, relax and enjoy reading helpful blog articles here at georgegumpert.com!

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